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The Most Customizable CACFP Software. Make It Yours!

Do you participate in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program? If so, you need to comply with USDA federal
regulations, state agency recordkeeping requirements and also select a system that works for your own policies and procedures. That means that your CACFP software needs to be customized. With My Food Program, it’s possible! You can configure your sponsor and site accounts so that you can be confident in your menus, meal counts, claims and so much more! .My Food Program software is available for all types of sites, including Family Day Care Homes, Child Care Centers, Emergency Shelters, Adult Day Care Centers, Afterschool Programs and Summer Food Service Programs. So no matter your site or procedures, we can customize our software to help you manage the CACFP.

Electronic Collection of Food Program Paperwork
Spending Too Much Time Trying to Collect, Organize and Maintain Food Program Paperwork? Let Ready Records do it for you! Using our software, you are able to have guardians certify their paperwork through a web-based program. Having the food program paperwork available in a more convenient form means that you will have more completed and accurate information. This will better reflect your true customer base allowing your reimbursement to be more precise. You will also have electronic versions of all your paperwork with the option of printing them when needed.

About Us

Our mission is to make people’s lives better by taking a fresh approach to complicated problems
and developing intuitive software supported by excellent service.
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David Andreasen

Dave has  been working as a professional software developer for over 25 years.  His first professional coding job was in the late 80’s in the real  estate business. It was during this time when he discovered the peace  and beauty of data normalization. After some time in product development in the early 90‘s, Dave discovered the fun of writing boring software  as a consultant to software organizations. He especially enjoys incorporating large amounts of relevant data into a program that is user-friendly and effective, making software that “just works”. Outside of work Dave enjoys outdoor pursuits, raising his 3 kids with his wife, and being active in the community.

Michael Leo

Mike’s been designing databases for quite some time. He started in the 80’s working for the avionics industry and the 90’s found him working for Baby Bells. He discovered a new, liberating environment with Java and has continued to design databases and the applications that edit them. Similar to David, he also enjoys the challenge of incorporating large amounts of relevant data into software that is easy to use and effective. Outside of work Mike enjoys ice hockey and Formula 1, just  not combined.

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